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A Journey to Self Worth

For 30 years, I’ve been having intimate conversations with women about fear, body image, and finding love. Over those years I started to search for what self-esteem is, why are we not good enough, where does this belief that we’re unlovable come from, and who are we supposed to be good enough for?

I could see my own struggles and pain in all of these women, and through this process I became obsessed with transformation. Can I change my life, and am I allowed to? You will never attract more than you believe you are worth, so let’s change that. “Transform” became my word and my superpower. In life, in love, in money, and in business.

This 15-week workshop series is for any woman that has ever looked in the mirror and didn’t feel good enough about herself:

  • What do you want?
  • Everything That Stops You
  • The Challenge: What do you REALLY Want?
  • Decide / Define / Declare
  • The Wounded Child
  • Bring out The Horrible Thing
  • Fear / Ego / Survival
  • Everything That Stops You
  • Body Talk
  • Weight
  • Money Blocks
  • Family / Relationships
  • Love
  • Daily Practice / Intention / Peace of Mind
  • I Love You / I Loathe You

In this course, I’m setting out to empower as many women in the world as I can to discover their self-worth. Because the journey to self-love will change your life. This lack of confidence you have, this unlovable belief, this extra weight you carry, this lack of or deficit that you have that you think is holding you back is pure self-hate, and you can heal this. You are not broken.

This TRANSFORMATION series started on March 21st.


“Incredible course! So grateful for Sue. I can’t wait to see how my life evolves πŸ’—”

β€” Dorothy M.

“This is the key to what you seek!! Life changing.”

β€” Kimberly G.

“This course has been truly life changing. Sue has given the me the tools to remove the blocks that have held me back from living the life I have longed for. You will find the support, intelligence, wisdom and motivation from her as she is an unstoppable "solution focused powerhouse" and you will learn how to become one too. Whatever you are fearing, whatever your obstacle, and whatever you are dreaming for, Sue guides you to look within, identify, heal, and then reach for that dream. The community support from the group has been equally valuable, and I have come to love these soul sisters. Thank you, Sue Bryce, you are changing the world one woman at a time. <3”

β€” Kimberly O.

“Wow..this course will blow your mind!. You will share parts of your soul that you never thought you would. You will see yourself in a way that is both confronting, challenging & full of love & empathy. You will come away with real tools that you can look back on again & again when you feel you're not getting it right. You will achieve things with a newfound certainty & belief that was there inside of you all the time. You get mind strong, heart strong, body strong. You will find yourself during this course & you will learn to not like but love the heck out of yourself because the results will speak loud & clear for themselves. Thank you Sue Bryce. I wish they taught this course at high schools all the world! Week 8 is something else, group support is fantastic & Sue talks the talks because she's walked the walk. If you truly want to be happy in you're life & in you're own skin physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially then do this course. This course will leave nothing unturned, you will face yourself & become who you are supposed to be! Much love & respect!”

β€” Kris R.

“Life changer! Taking charge of my life to focus on me en what I need to do to get where I should be . Thank you so much Sue X”

β€” Katinka T.

“This has truly been a life changer for me. Friends tell me that I look amazing and happy and do you want to know what? I feel amazing and happy for the first time in 15 years. Thank you Sue, I can’t ever repay you for the Transformation I lived, I can only tell everyone to do take the same journey as me because its the road to rejoice and love the self.”

β€” Anneli H.

“This course has blown my mind and opened my world. I have a lot of work to do but so glad to be on the path finally! Sue Bryce is amazing and breaks it down into manageable steps. So grateful.”

β€” Karin C.

“Loving this course and finally invested in myself because it is just time to start to value me and my worth.. As many say why did I wait so long?? Thank you Sue for all that you are doing <3”

β€” Sheila B.

“Sooooo Excited for today's Money talk..Last week was amazing!!”

β€” Marie M.

“Dear Sue, I thank you for doing this amazing course that help us to know ourself better and to empower ourself through this transformation journey. I admire the woman you are! Admire the business woman who conquer the world with her talent, the photographer who rediscover photography in our modern world, reinventing a formula for a sustainable and successful photography business. The powerful speaker who can touch your hart with her truth and motivate you with her example, the leader who has created a woman's movement that I am very grateful to be part of. Thank you Sue Bryce!”

β€” Susan H.


β€” Eva R.

“So ready for this course. If you are ready to develop in all areas of your life this is a great place to start. Highly recommend to everyone .Thank you Sue Bryce”

β€” Janice D.

“You are a treasure Sue Bryce”

β€” bridget k.

“Sue Bryce is a champion photographer, instructor and business leader. She looks you straight in the eye and asks you what you want. Once you figure that out, she's there to lead you on your path using her own journey to wellness. She welcomes you along to do the work and enjoy the view.”

β€” Bernadette M.

“This course is something I wish I could gift to everyone I know! Sue talks straight to your heart.. which can be painful and hard to admit...But once you overcome the blocks you are trying to avoid it is LIFE CHANGING! Not only for you but for everyone around you!”

β€” Morgan F.

“Straight to my heart. This course will help you to overcome your blocks and fears.”

β€” Claudia M.

“Listening to Sue is hope. This course promises to be a great help for me to find a solid direction in the current minor chaos.”

β€” Agnes B.

“We all need to start at one point to look after ourselves. In the past 12 years it was always about my kids, husband, everyone... but not me.... time to change it!”

β€” Olessia M.

“Dear Sue. It is something that has attracted me to your healing power that I know very well . I have my life long trying to fit in. I can see talents of people, I help everybody on the planet. I have not been able to balance my body weight though . I wish for answers here.. I have seen you transform and I am willing to find an answer here. There is a lot to say about me. I will follow and report as soon as I have insights thank you”

β€” heidi b.

“I am looking forward to this journey with Sue! She speaks to my soul, my heart, my creative and my brain. There is a part of me that feels so rejected, sad and hurt when people even give a small critique of me or my work. It always make me feel "not good enough". Not my work........ME, I'm not enough, I need to give more and I have been searching for the answer to heal this reaction in myself. I have every confidence that Sue is going to give me the tools I need and teach me how to be empowered and transform my life forever! Let's rock n roll!”

β€” Lavana D.

“Since I first began listening and watching Sue Bryce I have said to anyone who would listen, that Sue is far more than a photography coach, she is a LIFE COACH. So I could not miss being a part of this journey.”

β€” Rosanna M.

“I really cannot wait to start - I want my life back....”

β€” Nicole L.

“I'm not sure if it's her voice or her total package that makes me believe anything is possible. I've always admired her as a photographer and a woman. More inspiration to come.”

β€” Judy G.

“Super excited for this. I have learned so much from Sue as a photographer and I know this will be a life game changer!!”

β€” Vicki S.

“I am so ready for this for me, my kids and my life. I can’t wait to get started!”

β€” Angela K.