Self Value: Deep Dive


Explore deeply and master the complexities of your personal value.

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Self Value: Deep Dive Includes

16 Videos
10 Hours, 38 Minutes of Video

Self Value: Deep Dive

If you’ve ignited your curiosity and begun to explore your inner mechanics through my Self Value Power Talks, this Deep Dive series is your next essential step. Here, alongside Nikki Closser, we explore each subject introduced in the Power Talks more profoundly, providing you with the tools and understanding necessary to integrate these powerful concepts deeply into your life.

Join me as we unravel the complexities of self-worth and personal power in greater detail, making meaningful and lasting changes that resonate through every aspect of your existence.

Deepen Your Relationship with You:

Detailed Exploration — Each session is a comprehensive examination of topics crucial to personal and professional development. From understanding the intricacies of self-love to mastering financial abundance, each talk dives deep into the core elements that compose our self-value, ensuring a thorough understanding and practical application.

Personal Reflection — Engage in personal reflection exercises that help solidify the insights gained in each session. These reflective practices are designed to help you internalize and apply the concepts in meaningful and transformative ways.

Enhanced Connection and Communication — Deep Dive provides tools and strategies to enhance your interactions and relationships. Learn how to communicate your needs and desires effectively while understanding and respecting the boundaries of others.

Long-Term Financial Strategies — Move beyond immediate financial solutions and delve into long-term strategies that align with your values and goals. Develop a sustainable financial mindset that supports your overall life vision.

– 01 – Deeper into Self-Love
– 02 – Exploring Identity
– 03 – Understanding Suffering
– 04 – Overcoming Avoidance
– 05 – Reframing Self Perception
– 06 – Mastering Creation
– 07 – Nurturing Love
– 08 – Wealth and Worth
– 09 – Embracing Your Body
– 10 – Building Community
– 11 – Valuing Your Work
– 12 – Cultivating Awareness
– 13 – Embracing Acceptance
– 14 – Advanced Processing
– 15 – Setting and Respecting Boundaries
– 16 – The Art of Unfolding
– 17 – Achieving Alignment
– 18 – Establishing Daily Rituals

Exclusive Features of Deep Dive:

  • In-depth Coverage: Each session offers detailed discussions and explanations, going beyond the surface to explore the underlying principles and practices of self-value.
  • Interactive Experiences: Engage with interactive exercises and reflective questions that make each session personally relevant and highly impactful.
  • Complementary Learning: While Deep Dive can stand alone as a transformative series, it also serves as an ideal continuation from the Power Talks, allowing for a seamless progression in learning and personal development.
  • Comprehensive Support: Deep Dive includes support materials and resources to enhance your learning experience, ensuring you have everything you need to fully engage with each topic.

Embark on this deeper exploration of self-value today, and start shaping a life filled with purpose, clarity, and profound joy!