Self Value: Coaching

Unlock Your True Self: Embrace Growth, Manifest Your Desires


Self Value: Coaching Includes

12 Videos
4 Hours, 40 Minutes of Video

Self Value: Coaching

1 - Self Perception
2 - Self Worth
3 - Self Discovery
4 - The In-Between
5 - Asking For More
6 - Self Assured
7 - Self Fulfillment
8 - Daily Ritual

Welcome to the Self Value Coaching series, where we transform the insights gained from the Power Talks and Deep Dive sessions into actionable steps toward a life defined by profound self-worth and purpose. If you’re looking to actively apply the principles explored in our previous discussions, this coaching series is your essential toolkit for personal transformation.

Join me as we embark on a journey that not only enlightens but empowers you to make measurable changes in every area of your life. This isn’t just about learning—it’s about doing; it’s about becoming.

Unlock Your Potential:

Action-Oriented Learning — Each coaching session is designed to move beyond theory into practical, actionable strategies that you can apply immediately. From enhancing self-image to mastering your finances, these coaching sessions provide the tools you need to take control of your life.

Comprehensive Tools and Resources — Every module includes a downloadable homework PDF and a prework video, ensuring you have all the materials necessary to effectively implement the lessons covered in each session.

Integration Into Daily Life — The focus of this series is on real-world application. Through detailed guidance and structured tasks, you’ll learn how to weave the principles of self-value into the fabric of your everyday life, ensuring lasting changes.

Seamless Continuation from Learning to Action — While this coaching program can stand alone, it is ideally suited as a follow-through from the foundational concepts discussed in PowerTalks and Deep Dive. Each session builds on prior knowledge yet introduces new techniques and strategies, making it the perfect next step.

– 01 – Daily Intentions and Rituals
– 02 – Balancing Work and Personal Life
– 03 – Navigating Financial Empowerment
– 04 – Enhancing Relationship Dynamics
– 05 – Cultivating Inner Peace and Happiness
– 06 – Self Care as a Priority
– 07 – Effective Communication and Boundaries
– 08 – Embracing Change and Growth
– 09 – Leadership and Influence
– 10 – Legacy and Impact

Why Choose Self Value Coaching?

  • Practical Implementation: Break down the barriers between knowing and doing with structured activities and clear, actionable goals.
  • Enhanced Supports: Gain access to comprehensive resources like homework PDFs and videos that support your journey in a tangible, practical way.
  • Deep Integration: Perfect for those who have participated in Power Talks and Deep Dive, yet robust enough to stand as a powerful, independent learning pathway.
  • Personal Empowerment: Each session is crafted to move you from passive learning to active application, empowering you to make real and lasting change.

Embrace the journey of self-value with our Self Value Coaching series and watch as you transform not just your self-perception, but your entire life. Step into a tomorrow where your potential is not just recognized but fully lived.