Content Curator 2022

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A 5-week content development and curation workshop for speakers, educators, mentors, and digital product makers.

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Content Curator 2022 Includes

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Content Curator 2022

The Content Curator Series by Sue Bryce is a content development and curation workshop for speakers, educators, coaches and digital product makers.

This series introduces you to digital products and the unlimited potential you have to create in this space around your knowledge and experience.

Learn how to harness and organize that knowledge presenting, packaging and producing a product you can sell and finding your unique CONTENT voice, that is the magic you put into these products.

This workshop is for content curators that want to learn how to . . .
▫️Curate and develop content for education and instruction presentations.
▫️Make empowering coaching tracks and engaging workshops.
▫️Build a Speaking / Mentoring / Platform / Education Brand.
▫️Craft dynamic instructor & keynote presentations for in person and online.
▫️Create ebooks, guides, templates and auxiliary products to make money while you sleep.

6 Reviews for Content Curator 2022

“An amazing next step for those who want to expand their business and step into their power. Sue has the knowledge and experience to help get you there and she puts it all out there for the taking in this powerhouse course. Truly this is life changing in the best way!”

— Michele Q.

“I went into this course with the idea that I already have an online purse and I just wanted to learn how to market it. I trust Sue Bryce and her teachings as she has helped me level up my photo business dramatically. After taking this course my mind is blown! Not only can I polish my current course, I have a whole new course with digital products I’m working on now! She helped us find our strengths, passions and story in a way that creates a clear path to what you are called to teach or create. This course isn’t only for photographers, so I’m excited yo share it with friends! I’m grateful that the content is rewatchable as my notes were fast and furious! Highly recommend this course to anyone who feels led to teach or create a digital product. Sue knocked it out of the park once again, and always gives her everything with transparency and authenticity.”

— Angie W.

“Nothing better than learning how to develop content from someone who has mastered creating her own content. Once again, Sue teaches from experience and from the heart and she shares an immense amount of knowledge and strategies. Sue gives us ACTIONABLE steps to make our own content impactful and so that we can turn it into a "package" that sells. Sue, cannot thank you enough for all you teach. Truly life changing!!!”

— Nicole C.

“Amazing course. I've taken a few courses on digital product creation but Sue teaches it in a completely different and empowering way. This course will change the way you curate and write content.”

— Jasmin J.

“Wow, what an incredible course! Sue Bryce introduced me to the empowering world of mentoring, digital products, and video. She dives deep into development, equipment, beta testing, marketing, pricing and so much more. Each week was packed with well-stuctured content and there were action steps to help me power forward. The course is well structured and inspiring. So many light bulb and goosebumps moments. It exceeded my expectations.”

— Ally S.

“This course is absolutely amazing. Impactful, actionable, well laid-out, inspiring, and accessible. This is going to change my life, and I'm grateful for every bit of it!”

— Jen S.