By: Sue Bryce
on May 31, 2024

From Wilted to Lit Up: My Journey as a Creator

Today, I want to dive into something that’s been pivotal in my own journey and might resonate deeply with you too: the idea of creative evolution and reconnecting with your truth.

I love the idea that creatively we evolve every 7 years. I can definitely see this obvious growth in my own timeline.

I have fallen out of love with my career many times in the last 34 years, but I always say when I stop CONNECTING to what I do and why I really do it, I wilt.

I started to ASK myself every day, “SUE, WHAT do YOU really want? What is it that LIGHTS YOU UP?”

I WANTED a business, and it took me 7 years of blood, sweat, and tears to build my small business from nothing to $1m in gross income and 8 staff. I followed the roadmap, and it worked. I made big mistakes that became big lessons, and I grew.

But it wasn’t what I wanted! I was NOT lit up.

You see, what I didn’t know back then was I wanted to be SELF-EMPLOYED. I wanted to create, I wanted freedom, and I wanted to be valued. I was on the right freeway, just in the wrong lane.

I hadn’t set this business up to work FOR ME! I had boxed myself in with all these limits. I had set up this business to work for my staff and my clients, and I was wilting dramatically.

Being a photographer is not my identity. At my core, I am a CREATOR. I am most lit up when I create businesses and brands. I live to create engaging visual marketing, and I love to craft, design, and make products. I love to create all elements of photography, and I am most connected when I am creating educational content.

The biggest shift I had was when I realized… I don’t work, I don’t want to work. I WANT TO CREATE! I want to curate content and products I love and sell them for equal exchange.

So I stopped saying “I HAVE to work,” now I say “I am going to CREATE.” Now I say “I make time to create! I am a creator,” and everything started to shift: the way I feel, the way I say it and see it, and the way people respond: “Oh, what are you creating right now?”

But mostly the way I show up to my creative space, and I am in love with my day. Such a simple mindset shift with a massive change in energy.

But learning to monetize is magic. You don’t have to reinvent yourself; you need to find your value and then keep walking towards it. Stop feeling stuck in what you’ve created, and make it work for you. Reconnect to what you really love to do.

Remember: You are the purpose and your purpose is not fixed; it evolves as you do.

Your connection with your true calling is the fuel that will light up your path. Embrace your role as a creator, and let every action resonate with your core essence.


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